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Employee Travel

Business travel reservations and expense reporting are the responsibility of the employee. 

Highmark Companies credit cards will be issued to employees on a case-by-case basis as determined by the CEO or President. If you prefer to put business expenses on a Highmark Company Credit Card instead of using your personal credit card please carefully review and sign the policy below to request one.

When traveling on business, it is the employee’s responsibility to maintain an accurate account of incurred business expenses, whether using a Highmak Company Credit Card or a personal credit card. 
Employees must complete an expense report in Highmark’s expense reporting system Journyx, within the pay period in which the expense was incurred. Expense reporting must be timely and accurate. Detailed receipts are required to support business expenses. Receipts should be entered and uploaded into Journyx.

Our clients may have special requirements for travel in support of their projects. Be sure to find out about any special rules or guidelines before traveling for a client.

Booking Travel Reservations:

Employees can book business travel reservations through Highmark's travel agency, Egencia.

Travel Expense Reporting:

Travel expenses are reported and tracked in Journyx, Highmark's Timekeeping and Expense System
To learn about reporting expenses using Journyx, review this Expense Reporting TipSheet.

Company Credit Card:

To request a Highmark Company Credit Card, please read and sign the Company Credit Card Policy and return it to Highmark HR.